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How Do You Know If You Are Gay?

The bisexual personalities are always a topic of controversies on this planet. People come out with their own opinions of how a person becomes a gay, but science has its own set of terminologies, and they say that this thing doesn't come with a choice. Well! You may or may not believe, but most people don't even know until half of their life that they are gay.

Well! The scenario in the market has changed a lot these days with lots of awareness campaigns. You may observe that being gay is now easy to accept in the world; however; this news comes with its own consequences. The fact is that not every person on this planet feels comfortable to accept this inner feeling. Probably, it can turn their tiny world into a huge mess. Even some people may try to keep it a secret from the world, but they cannot hide the feelings about their sexual orientation from themselves so long. In such situations, if you want to live the life to the fullest; the best thing is to accept the truth and move on. The world doesn't come to an end with the thought that you are a gay; the life is still there, and you have lots of amazing things to do ahead. But before that; it is important to understand that signs of being a gay.

Signs that tell you if you are a gay:

  • When someone talks to you about sex; you don't feel it normal. The chances are that you get triggered only when you are with the same sex people. This unusual sexual preference can help you know if you are gay.
  • You might have heard several crush stories in your school and college days. But when you look back; you never had a crush on the opposite sex. Although it may happen even when you don't find the right one so long; but if you have the crush like always feeling on the same sex personalities; the chances are that you are a gay.
  • Sexual desires of a person keep on turning on and off depending upon their relations with the opposite sex. But if you don't have any such feeling with the opposite sex or feel that arousal only with the same sex; you might be gay.
  • The bromance crushes may be a matter of fun for many years; but if you feel it more like being in love with the person; probably, you are a gay. The tingly feeling that arises when you are with that person can make you feel sure that you consider him something more than a common friend.
  • You don't want to be alone with the people you are dating. This situation may seem awkward, but you are not mentally ready to develop an intimate relationship with those opposite sex people, and you always try to find some excuse to stay safe.

Even if at a certain point in life you realize that you are a gay; there is nothing to feel worried about. Instead of being overly sensitive about the issue; you should look for the ways to live your life normally and be brave to find your gay partner.